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10 Apr 2020, 11:52 HRS IST
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Forty-six new cases of COVID-19 found in Gujarat; tally goes up to 308: Official. tally goes up to 308: Official.
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  • Jaipur rug bags German design award nod
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  • Debolina Chakraborty
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    new hand-knotted rug from Jaipur fashioned with pattern errors, the outcome of a disagreement between its weavers, has been nominated for a prestigious German Design Council award.

    Part of the 'Project Error Collection' of the Jaipur Rugs Company, the rug titled 'Anthar' (Differences) reflects a mishmash of design, accruing from a disagreement between weavers who handwoven it.

    "A piece like this would usually be considered faulty and tossed out, but the "errors" on it makes it precisely so beautiful... I see perfection in imperfection," says Kavita Chaudhary, Design Director, Jaipur Rugs, one of the oldest rug
    brands in India.

    The pattern on the rug came to Chaudhary's notice when she was glancing through creation of weavers from a small town of Narhet near Jaipur.

    "What was clear is that three weavers sat side by side while making the rugs - weavers who had drawn out a graphical representation of the rug they wanted but clearly disagreed with each other.

    "You can see clearly the three vertical panels that make up the rug. But as they proceed towards completion they start
    working in harmony with each other again," says Chaudhary.

    Rather than a precisely ordered pattern, a whole new design was borne out of an error.

    Struck by the uniqueness of the design, Chaudhary set out to re-invent the design into a product that was more ready for the global market and now forms part of her company's collection "Project Error."

    The company has begun production of the "Anthar Rug" on demand basis. Processes involved in weaving the rug contributes towards its uniqueness.

    "800,000 Persian knots are made of hand spun and hand carded wool and bamboo silk with 180 artisans working on it from start to finish. Each carpet is special because of the slight differences that occur from a process that requires artisans to work by hand. Owing to this no two rugs can ever look exactly the same," says Choudhary.

    'Project Error' studies the concept of misprints - nature's interruption of mechanical duplication to create unique pieces of overlooked art.

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