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Abu Dhabi sees 22.2% rise in hotel guests from Ind in Jan-May
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   7/4/2018 5:18:00 PM

Mumbai, Jul 4 (PTI)
Abu Dhabi has seen an increase of 22.2 per cent in the number of hotel guests from India in the first five months of this year at 1,66,700, compared to same period last year.

China topped the number of hotel guests at 1,92,500, an increase of 19.9 per cent, while India came in second, according to data from the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi).

The UK followed, with 1,19,900 guests, amounting to a 12.7 per cent increase, the US with 82,300 guests and a 25.7 per cent increase, and Germany with 71,300 guests at a 20 per cent increase.

The total number of hotel guests from around the world staying in Abu Dhabi increased by 4.9 per cent during January to May compared to the same period last year.

Overall, 162 hotels, resorts and hotel apartments offering 31,236 rooms across the emirate welcomed 20,73,586 guests during January to May, it added.

The data further said, occupancy rate has averaged 75 per cent during January to May, with a 1.4 per cent increase, while the average length of stay was 2.7 nights, an increase of 2.4 per cent compared to the same period in 2017.

Abu Dhabi continued to grow across most of its target markets in May 2018, compared to the same month of last year, with a 7 per cent rise in the number of visitors from India, followed by the UK at 7.9 per cent, the US at 42 per cent and Germany at 35 per cent.

Domestic tourism rose by 7.9 per cent during the first five months of 2018, with 14,89,154 hotel guests received, compared to 13,71,327 during the same period in 2017.

It can be noted that Abu Dhabi's executive committee has approved DCT Abu Dhabi's proposal to cut tourism and municipal fees, implementing a reduction from 6 per cent to 3.5 per cent for tourism fees, a drop of 4 per cent to 2 per cent for municipality fees and decreasing municipal fee for each hotel room, effective as of July 1.

"This decision encourages investments across Abu Dhabi's tourism and hospitality sector and enhances its competitiveness by bettering the economic value we offer our visitors for our quality services and attractions. It will also help us attract more visitors and increase occupancy rates, revenues and the average length of stay." DCT Abu Dhabi under secretary Saif Saeed Ghobash said.