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19 Apr 2018, 21:02 HRS IST
SC says courts are not the place to settle business or political rivalry which has to be fought in markets or electionsThe PILs were without any truth and attempt was made to malign the judiciary: SCSC says it thought of initiating contempt proceedings against petitioners but decided not to go ahead with itSC says during arguments, counsel for petitioners forgot to maintain institutional civility towards judges and made wild allegationsSC criticises attempts by senior advocates and activist lawyers to make insinuations against judges including that of the apex courtSC says frivolous and motivated litigation has been filed to settle political rivalryIt becomes clear that with these petitions real attempt and frontal attack was made on independence of judiciary: SCDocuments placed on record and their scrutiny establishes that Loya's death was due to natural cause: SCThere is no reason to doubt statements of four judges on circumstances leading to the death of Loya: SCSC says attempts were made to scandalise judiciary by levelling serious allegations against judicial officers and judges of Bombay HCSC dismisses pleas to probe alleged mysterious death of CBI judge B H Loya, who was hearing Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case
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Hirawatch.com Now Allows Consumers to Buy Watches Using Cryptocurrencies


Hirawatch.com Now Allows Consumers to Buy Watches Using Cryptocurrencies

LONDON, Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers can now buy watches using cryptocurrencies on Hirawatch.com, Hira Group's online shopping platform offering a varied selection of international premium watch brands in India. Orders paid with cryptocurrencies will be processed within 12 hours of payment confirmation.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more commonly used in the 21st century. Being capable to carry out transactions securely and anonymously from any part of the world, cryptocurrencies are set to be the future of money. Many investors are finding a way or the another to invest in this hottest trend of the decade. Every small or big investor is today eyeing to ride the crypto wave.

The Indian investors are bullish with crypto trend as well. New York cryptocurrency analyst Chris Burniske had in June 2017 estimated that Indians account for 10.98% of the monthly global Bitcoin trade volume. However, they are facing major issues due to the ambiguity in tax policies making it difficult to liquidate the earned profits.

Hirawatch.com is trying to ease out the pain by allowing consumers to make a purchase using cryptocurrencies. Currently, one can buy watches using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash Coin. The platform plans to expand to cater entire fashion accessories segment.

"We are ourselves seeing a surge in our conversions that has tripled in last few days proving the need of the platform. We are a technology company and strongly believe in cryptocurrencies powering the future of e-commerce. In future, we plan to bring more product options for users to buy from our platform." - Shubham Khare, Operations Head, Hira House limited, HK

About Hirawatch (https://www.hirawatch.com/)

Hirawatch.com is a platform owned by Hira Group. Founded in UK in 1959, The Hira Group is diverse with sectors of business focused on manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, trading, retail, property, and e-commerce. Being a core player in several business sectors and the industries, The Hira Group has earned excellence and eminence over the years and is regarded as one of the UK's largest supplier in Electronics, Home Appliances, PC peripherals, Digital Media, Education Products, watches and fashion accessories to major retail and trade outlets. Hira Group has worldwide presence with offices in U.K, Mainland China, Hong Kong & Spain.

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Shubham Khare
+91 9970083120


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