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16 Oct 2021, 18:19 HRS IST
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Absolutely delighted to have M S Dhoni as mentor for T20 World Cup, his presence will boost morale: India skipper Virat Kohli.
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HopeQure and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries organizes a series of webinars on mental health concerns of MSMEs, Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

HopeQure and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries organizes a series of webinars on mental health concerns of MSMEs, Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Aims to tackle the mental health concerns of the Indian working population; results in a holistic improvement of their mental and business health

New Delhi, November’2020: Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, HopeQure, one of the most trusted online counselling platforms for mental health in India has organized a series of free webinars in association with PHDCCI (PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry), to raise the awareness about – Mental Health Concerns for MSMEs, Start-ups & Entrepreneurs. It was hosted by India’s leading mental health professionals, top-notch entrepreneurs, and PHDCCI members.

The pandemic has affected the mental health of many working professionals. Approximately 197.3 Million people or one in every seven Indians live with mental illness according to the 2019 Global Burden of Disease Study.  The mental health cases increased by 20% during the Lockdown 1.0 itself as per the survey by Indian Psychiatric Society. Approximately 78 Million entrepreneurs and businesses in 2019-20, reduced to around 60 Million by April 2020 while average employment reduced from 404 Million in March 2019 to 282 Million in April 2020. Ignoring this, the Government of India only spends 1.15% of GDP on health promising to increase the spending by 2025 to 2.5%. Making the matter worst, the Mental Health spending by government is mere Rs 40 Crore in current budget towards National Mental Health Programme.
“COVID-19 lockdown is a Y2K moment for the healthcare industry and there is an opportunity to revamp the national healthcare infrastructure including the Mental Health support system in India. Mental Health Concerns of our MSMEs, Entrepreneurs and Start-up founders is a topic that usually gets ignored, since self-care takes a backseat among many other burning priorities in the life of a business-person. However, it is these brave hearts who have taken the courage to support the Government on their initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat during such difficult COVID time”,  said Vivek Sagar, Founder & CEO, HopeQure.
“Global economy looses an estimated USD One Trillion annually to unplanned time off due to depression and anxiety. Situation in India is not better while India’s MSMEs are battling to bring back country’s economy on track. Many of them are taking mental health experts advice including taking support of Corporate Employee Wellness Programs to bring back employee enthusiasm, resilience and good mental health”, said Dr. A. D. Goyal, MBBS, MD - Psychiatry and Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at HopeQure.
Strict implementation advisories to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has impacted individuals and companies adversely. India’s MSME has equally faced an immense impact and the challenges are only on the rise.It’s time to accept the present scenario and work towards upkeep of mental wellness through employee counselling and corporate wellness programs. Seeking help from expert Psychologist is not a sign of weakness but of bravado and it will help in maintaining productivity,said Dr Pinky Goswami, Ph.D in Behavioral Psychology with over 25 years of practice and a specialist Sr. Psychologist at HopeQure, while advising audience to take help of professional counselors on the first instance of mental health issue before it gets aggravated and goes out of control. A healthy mind will be the key to success, she said.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Mohit Jain, Chairman, MSME Committee of PHDCCI said, “Our MSMEs are excited to avail this opportunity to hear India’s leading Mental Health experts speak the best strategies to handle mental health concerns at work and evaluate ways of increasing productivity while improving relationship on personal as well as professional front.”
“Mental Health Policy 2014 and the Mental Healthcare Act 2017 are some of the good initiatives taken by Government of India but as per the estimate published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry in April 2019 the annual estimated cost for implementing  MHCA, 2017 would be 94,073 crore rupees yielding a 6.5% return on the investment with improved productivity” said, Dr. G L Agarwal, noted Chartered Accountant and President of Social Action Foundation who stands for the causes of MSME, Startups and Entrepreneurs of India.
This monthly webinar series has been started with an aim to bring significant and holistic improvement as well as awareness about Mental Health concerns among working MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Professionals – employees and employers.

About HopeQure
HopeQure is a HIPAA Certified mental wellness company providing Corporate Employee Mental Wellness programs and online video counselling through its 650+ Psychologists along with well researched time bound psychological programs for emotional, behavioral, relationship and clinical mental health issues. At HopeQure’s online platform https://www.hopequre.com clients enjoy counselling in their local language with confidentiality, anonymity and security.

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