September 7, 2022

PTI Fact Check: No, Uber doesn't provide boat service in Bengaluru; memes being shared as fact

Bengaluru, Sept 7 (Pratyush Ranjan, PTI Fact Check): Bengaluru, known as India's Silicon Valley, faced an unprecedented heavy downpour over the last few days, bringing Karnataka's capital city to its knees as a significant part of the city sank under rainwater. People started using tractors or boats to help the residents in some areas of the city. Social media platforms have also been flooded with images, videos of waterlogging, and memes on Bengaluru rains.

A few social media users are sharing memes and unverified information as facts on Twitter. The PTI Fact Check Desk came across many tweets claiming Uber (An American mobility service provider) has started boat services in Bengaluru. The Desk found in its investigation that Uber has not launched such a service in the city and the information shared on social media platforms is fake.  


While scanning tweets on Bengaluru rains, the Desk noticed that some social media users shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message claiming that uber started boat services for the people in Bengaluru. The Tweets can be seen here, here, here, here, here, and here also.

Below is the screenshot of one of the tweets-