September 9, 2022

PTI Fact Check: 9-year-old video of Rajnath Singh shared as recent with a misleading claim

New Delhi, Sept 8 (Pratyush Ranjan, PTI Fact Check):  A Facebook user has shared a video of Rajnath Singh claiming that the BJP leader made remarks on the prime minister of his own government on the issue of price rise. The PTI Fact Check Desk found in its investigation that the video in the Facebook post was of a political rally in 2013 when Rajnath Singh criticised the Congress government and the-then prime minister Manmohan Singh on the inflation issue. A short clip from the 2013 rally video has now been shared as recent with a misleading claim.


While scanning the social media platforms, the PTI Fact Check Desk found a 26-second-long video of Rajnath Singh posted by a Facebook user on September 7 with the claim that Rajnath Singh is attacking his own government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Desk also noted that some 1,400 users have liked the post and it has been shared 8,100 times. The text with the video in the Facebook post read: "Look what I am hearing. It's not too late than never. Someone has shown the courage to speak." 

In the video, Singh was seen attacking the prime minister and the government for failing to control the rising inflation. He can be heard saying: "Our prime minister always gives us the repeated assurance not to panic, saying the government will control inflation in 100 days or six months. It has been nine years now. Why does the prime minister give false hopes to the people of the country?"

The Facebook post can be seen here. And, Here is the archive link of the Facebook post.  

Below is the screenshot of the post-