Corrections Policy

PTI has a transparent and unambiguous corrections policy. All factual mistakes, including numbers, names, dates, and misquotes, are acknowledged and corrected as soon as possible. This is marked for subscribers with a ‘CORRECTED’ next to the slug and an Editor’s note specifying the error being corrected and where precisely in the story. The Editor’s note rule holds even for lapses such as typos.

The PTI Fact Check Team strongly believes in PTI's non-partisanship, transparency, and correction policy. The team members do not get involved in advocacy or publicise their views on policy issues. PTI fact Check follows the IFCN code of ethics, guidelines, and policy on claim investigation, sources, and corrections.

PTI Fact Check follows PTI’s non-partisan policy and transparent fact-checking procedures and uses the same standard for every fact-check investigation. The desk follows the same process for every fact check and lets the evidence and investigation process dictate the conclusion.

PTI Fact Check encourages the readers to connect through the 'Contact Us' page and share their complaints in the PTI Fact Check Stories. The desk thoroughly reinvestigates the authenticity of the claim and complaint. In case of any error, the desk promptly acknowledges and issues a correction according to PTI's Correction Policy and the IFCN guidelines. For updated/corrected stories, a disclaimer is appended to the original report with the details on the modification made/updated information.