Redcliffe Labs Diagnostics Deliver USD 400 Million in Economic Savings for India by Tackling Pandemic of Non-communicable Diseases

27 Sep 2023 | Redcliffe Labs

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India (NewsVoir)       Research released at UN General Assembly week shows tests predicting heart disease and diabetes are among lowest cost solutions for improving Indian health •  Full research available here  Redcliffe Labs’ diagnostic tests are more cost effective at tackling illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, than many standard treatments, new analysis released at the UN General Assembly today shows, highlighting the importance of digitally-enabled and low-cost diagnostics businesses in combatting India’s rising pandemic of non-communicable diseases.  India’s economic output lost to NCDs is estimated at $3.6 trillion for the period from 2012 to 2030, creating an urgent need for innovative new models of healthcare to protect lives and prevent crippling costs to the country’s already stretched healthcare system. Using metrics common to public healthcare systems, the analysis quantifies the impact of Redcliffe’s diagnostic tools  The research was supported by Redcliffe investor and global impact firm LeapFrog Investments, alongside the UK’s PA Consulting, and will be featured by the newly-launched Impact Investment Initiative (Triple I) for Global Health, endorsed by leaders at the 2023 G7 Hiroshima Summit. LeapFrog Investments is a founding partner of the Triple I for GH, which will raise awareness and share best practices on impact investment in global health.  It found Redcliffe’s tests were up to 8 times more cost effective than national treatment coverage for protecting against the consequences of cardiovascular disease, while its test for diabetes were less than 2/3 the cost of the cheapest comparable screening and telemedicine interventions*.  Redcliffe offers a range of diagnostic tools for preventable diseases, using a nation-wide network of pathology labs, digital booking systems, and at-home phlebotomy services to lower costs and improve convenience across the 25 Indian states where it operates...


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