India can sustain 9 pc GDP growth for many years: EAC member Sanyal

Updated: Dec 4 2022 9:00PM

Udaipur, Dec 4 (PTI) Economic Advisory Council member Sanjeev Sanyal on Sunday said India is capable of sustaining an economic growth of 9 per cent for many years, even as he asserted that a high sustained GDP growth rate is key for the world to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Speaking at a side event of the first Sherpa meeting under India's G20 presidency here, the economist said India has a per capita income of only USD 2,200 and that has been achieved after several years of very high growth rate.

"Particularly for the Global South, sustaining high GDP growth rate is critical to achieving SDGs and without that, all we are doing will be re-distributing poverty.