Pitched battle: PhonePe announces Indus Appstore for Android developers to take on Google

Updated: Sep 23 2023 6:49PM

New Delhi, Sep 23 (PTI) PhonePe on Saturday announced the launch of Indus Appstore developer platform, wooing Android app developers with the promise of zero platform fee or commission for in-app payments, as the digital payments firm made a bold and decisive move to confront the might of Google in the app marketplace with the Made-in-India app store.

Akash Dongre, Co-Founder of Indus Appstore rued that app developers are forced to work with only one app store - Google Play Store - for distributing their apps, and vowed that the new offering will be a credible alternative, more localised, with better app discovery and consumer engagement.

The Indus Appstore Developer platform comes with sweeteners - app listings on it will be free for the first year, after which a nominal annual fee will apply. Moreover, the Indus Appstore will not charge developers any platform fee or commission for In-App Payments.