'Mahabharat' co-stars Mukesh Khanna, Pankaj Dheer remember Gufi Paintal

Updated: Jun 5 2023 4:27PM

By Komal Panchamatia

Mumbai, Jun 5 (PTI) For the generation of viewers growing up in the late 1980s, Gufi Paintal was a familiar face thanks to his role as the conniving Shakuni mama in BR Chopra's epic TV serial "Mahabharat".

Not many know that the veteran actor, who died on Monday following age-related issues, also played an important role in casting many of the key characters of the series. He was 79.

It was Gufi Paintal, said actor Mukesh Khanna, who called him to audition for what would go on to become his career-defining role of Bhishma in "Mahabharat". Their association which started with the classic Doordarshan serial also led to Khanna casting his co-star in the 2013 TV film "Hamara Hero Shaktimaan" in the former's "Shaktimaan" franchise.