Sanjay Kapoor on being 'patient' with acting career: You have to be ready when your time comes

Updated: Jun 9 2023 7:31PM

Mumbai, Jun 9 (PTI) Not the lack of offers, but the dearth of substantial roles made Sanjay Kapoor take a step back from his career as a hero, says the actor, who is now happy to have found his groove with performance-oriented characters.

Sanjay started his acting career with "Prem", which began filming in 1989 but released in 1995. He followed it up with popular titles such as "Raja", "Auzaar" and "Sirf Tum", before he decided to wait for "correct projects".

"It is important to be patient. I am not saying a miracle happens, but if you are sincere and hard working you will get those opportunities. That’s what happened to me, I am a living example of it.... You have to be ready when your time comes," he told PTI.