1 in 6 unvaccinated Covid-infected people found to feel effects up to 2 years

Updated: Jun 2 2023 12:36PM

New Delhi, Jun 2 (PTI) One in six unvaccinated individuals report experiencing COVID-19 health effects up to two years after infection, according to a new study published in The British Medical Journal.

The study from University of Zurich, Switzerland, and other institutes examined 1,106 unvaccinated adults with an average age of 50 with a confirmed infection between 6 August, 2020, and 19 January, 2021, were studied, along with 628 adults (average age 65) randomly selected from the general population who had not had the virus.

Seventeen per cent of participants did not return to normal health and 18 per cent reported covid-19 related symptoms 24 months after initial infection, the study found.