Covid patients at higher risk of psychiatric, neurological conditions after two years: Lancet study

Updated: Aug 18 2022 12:30PM

London, Aug 18 (PTI) COVID-19 patients have an increased risk of developing some neurological and psychiatric conditions, including psychosis, dementia, 'brain fog' and seizures, for two years after the infection compared to other respiratory diseases, suggests a study of over 1.25 million people published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal.

The researchers from the University of Oxford, UK, noted that there is also an increased risk of anxiety and depression in adults, but this subsides within two months of COVID-19 infection and, over two years, is no more likely than after other respiratory infections.

Children were more likely to be diagnosed with some conditions, including seizures and psychotic disorders, but the likelihood of most diagnoses after COVID-19 was lower than in adults, they said.