Fatigue of long Covid as bad as that in cancer patients, says study

Updated: Jun 8 2023 4:33PM

New Delhi, Jun 8 (PTI) Researchers say fatigue in long Covid patients is similar to that in cancer-related anaemia or severe kidney disease patients, with day-to-day impact of long Covid being worse than that in stroke and comparable to that in Parkinson's disease patients.

The patients' health-related quality of life too was found to be worse than that of people with advanced metastatic cancers, like stage IV lung cancer, the study led by researchers at University College London (UCL) and the University of Exeter, UK, said.

"Our research has revealed that long Covid can leave people with worse fatigue and quality of life than some cancers, yet the support and understanding is not at the same level," said co-author William Henley, professor at the University of Exeter Medical School.