Short bouts of activity like chores can reduce heart attack, premature death risks: Lancet Study

Updated: Sep 30 2023 5:35PM

New Delhi, Sep 30 (PTI) Short bouts of incidental activity, the kind done as part of daily living and including household chores, has shown to reduce risk of heart attack, stroke and even premature death, new The Lancet Public Health research shows.

However, duration and intensity of the activity matters, the research team from the UK and Australia, led by the University of Sydney, said, having tracked more than 25,000 UK adults over roughly eight years.

"From walking up the stairs to speedily mopping the floors; in recent years we've come to understand that it is not just structured exercise that is good for our health, but we know very little about how these short bouts of incidental activity translate to health benefits," said the study's senior author Emmanuel Stamatakis, University of Sydney.