India's fourth tranche of relief materials reaches quake-hit Nepal

Updated: Nov 21 2023 7:25PM

Kathmandu, Nov 21 (PTI) Three weeks after back-to-back earthquakes rattled the remote western mountain region killing over 150 persons, Nepal on Tuesday received the fourth tranche of emergency medical aid and equipment for the quake-affected families.

As part of the continued “humanitarian efforts” as first responder to support people of the Himalayan nation in their times of need, India has regularly sent aid to Nepal since the 6.4-magnitude earthquake on November 3 that jolted Jajarkot and Rukum districts killing 153 people and injuring over 260 others.

The November 3 quake caused the worst human and infrastructure losses since the devastating jolt of April 2015. On November 7, three tremors of over magnitude 4 hit Jajarkot injuring at least 16 people.