Second audio leak on ex-Pak premier Imran Khan discussing 'foreign conspiracy' cypher surfaces

Updated: Sep 30 2022 10:04PM

Islamabad, Sep 30 (PTI) Another purported audio clip of former Prime Minister Imran Khan has surfaced on Friday featuring his conversation with senior party leaders and an aide about the controversial cypher, days after a recording featuring the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief talking about the alleged foreign conspiracy to topple his government was leaked. In the recent audio clip, three Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders, including Asad Umer, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Azam Khan could be heard talking about the American cypher with Khan, the party's chairman. The audio doing the rounds on social media, in which the ostensible voice of Khan can be heard as saying that “under no circumstances” should the country where the conspiracy emerged from must be named. So on this issue please, the country's name should not be spoken by anyone. This is very important." The second clip is an extension of the first.

He is heard as saying: “Shah Jee (Qureshi) we have to hold a meeting tomorrow […] you and the three of us (Imran, Qureshi and Azam Khan) and the foreign secretary…In it [the meeting], we have to tell them to quietly write the minutes of the meeting […] Azam is saying that we should draft the minutes and make photocopies of it.” Here Azam is heard asking, “this cypher arrived on 7th or 8th […] it came on 8th”, while Imran Khan said that the meeting in Washington was held on the 7th.

“We don’t have to name the Americans […] under no circumstances do we have to take the name. So on this issue please, the name of the country should not come out of anyone. This is very important for all of you. “That which country the letter came from […] I don’t want to hear the name from anyone,” the voice believed to be that of Khan says.