A great deal of world’s history will be written in Indo-Pacific in coming years: President Biden

Updated: Sep 30 2022 6:00AM

Washington, Sep 30 (PTI) The US is committed to ensuring a free, open, stable and secure Indo-Pacific, President Joe Biden has said, asserting that a great deal of the world’s history will be written in the strategically vital region over the coming years.

The president addressed the visiting leaders from a dozen Pacific Island countries in Washington on Thursday in the first-ever summit held to make the Indo-Pacific region safe and keep these island nations away from the increasing influence of China, which in the past few years has made extraordinary outreach efforts in the region.

“Today, security in the Pacific and for the Pacific Islanders remains as critical as ever to us and I hope to you as well. The security of America, quite frankly, and the world depends on your security and the security of the Pacific Islands. And I really mean that,” Biden said.