Andaman Smoothhound, Himalayan Fritillary among 29 new threatened species in India: IUCN

Updated: Dec 10 2022 6:46PM

Montreal, Dec 10 (PTI) White-cheeked Dancing Frog, Andaman Smoothhound shark and Yellow Himalayan Fritillary are among 29 new species assessed in India that are under threat, according to the latest update to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List unveiled during the COP15 biodiversity conference here in Canada.

The latest update warns that a barrage of threats including illegal and unsustainable fishing, pollution, climate change and diseases is destroying sea species such as the Andaman Smoothhound shark.

The IUCN Red List unveiled on Friday is a critical indicator of the health of the state of the world’s biodiversity. It provides information about the global extinction risk status of species – and is a key tool to help define and inform conservation targets.