Campaign group hits 100 UK firms backing 4-day working week

Updated: Nov 28 2022 8:41PM

London, Nov 28 (PTI) A group campaigning for a four-day working week on Monday announced that it had hit a milestone of 100 UK companies who have signed up to the scheme, which allows employees to work four days instead of the traditional five without impacting their pay.

The 4 Day Week Campaign said the 100 companies employ around 2,600 staff and cover a range of sectors from marketing to banking. A global Pilot Programme being run by the group until next month is aimed at measuring productivity and wellbeing of staff over six months as they work one day less on the understanding of delivering similar results.

“The 4 Day Week Campaign offers accreditation to UK employers who have moved all of their employees to a four-day working week, with no loss of pay,” the group said.