First King Charles 50 pence coins enter circulation in UK

Updated: Dec 8 2022 4:00PM

London, Dec 8 (PTI) The first coinage featuring King Charles III will start to appear in circulation at Post Offices around the UK from Thursday, with millions of the new 50-pence coins bearing the new monarch’s portrait given out as change to customers.

The coin with the 74-year-old monarch’s image reflects a transition from the Elizabethan age of the late Queen Elizabeth II to the Carolean era of Charles, with the coin also commemorating the life and legacy of the Queen on its reverse.

“Today marks a new era for UK coinage, with the effigy of King Charles III appearing on 50ps in circulation. It’s a fantastic opportunity for coin collectors to add to their collections, or start one for the first time,” said Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collector Services at the Royal Mint.