Hindus still have minority mentality, lack brotherhood: French journalist Gautier

Updated: Oct 5 2023 7:48AM

Washington, Oct 5 (PTI) Despite being in the majority in India, Hindus continue to have a minority mentality and lack brotherhood, French journalist Francois Gautier has said.

Based in India, Gautier is in the US to raise funds for the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History set up by him in Pune, Maharashtra. He also attended the Art of Living's World Culture Festival 2023 in the US capital.

“The lesson (from history) is that Hindus should fight. Even today, Hinduism is under attack everywhere in the world, whether it is Pakistan or Afghanistan, whether it is conversions by Christian missionaries, which is a really big problem in India now, especially in the South and even in Punjab, or whether it is the westernisation of India, which is happening through cable TV,” Gautier told PTI in an interview.