India and Pakistan should work together on climate change: Pak Foreign Minister Bilawal

Updated: Sep 30 2022 12:52AM

Washington, Sep 29 (PTI) It is time for India and Pakistan to work together on climate change, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Thursday, as he highlighted the impact of global warming that has caused unprecedented floods in his country. Bilawal is in Washington DC for a series of bilateral meetings.

He told a group of Pakistani media that given the situation his country is in due to floods, "it’s time that both India and Pakistan work together on the issue of climate change".

“One-third of our country is under water. One in seven people (is impacted by floods). If we are saying that to fight climate change, the US and China should work together. (We) should think about India and Pakistan working together on the issue of climate change,” Bilawal said.