India launches roadmap to meet challenges in biorefining value chain

Updated: Sep 23 2022 7:56PM

Pittsburgh, Sep 23 (PTI) India on Friday launched the 'Innovation Roadmap of the Mission Integrated Biorefineries', which would not only identify gaps and challenges in the current biorefining value chain but also provide policymakers with a strategy framework to establish a rising research and development portfolio.

Developed in cooperation with Brazil, Canada, European Commission and the United Kingdom, the launch was announced by the visiting Science and Technology Minister Jitender Singh on the sidelines of the Clean Energy Ministerial being held in this American city. India is scheduled to host the next Clean Energy Ministerial in 2023.

“I am pleased to launch the Innovation Roadmap of the Mission Integrated Biorefineries developed by co-leads and active inputs from Brazil, Canada, European Commission and the United Kingdom for further implementation with collaborating international partners emphasising the need for increased financing for energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) during the next five years to kickstart this objective and unleash a virtuous cycle of public and private investment,” Singh said.