Indian campaigner to play key role in new Student Mental Health Week drive

Updated: Jan 28 2023 8:51PM

London, Jan 28 (PTI) Anagha Rajesh, a 20-year-old Indian student and a mental health campaigner, will play a key role in the first-ever Student Mental Health Week starting on February 6.

The Student Mental Health Week global campaign by online learning company Chegg seeks to destigmatise mental health among students, encourage young people to be intentional about looking after themselves, and inspire conversations around what policymakers, education institutions, the wider community, parents, and learners themselves can do to support student mental wellness.

Rajesh, a Chegg.Org Global Student Prize 2022 top 10 finalist, is the founder and CEO of Yours Mindfully – a youth-led non-profit that provides mental health resources for young people around the world.