Smoke from Canada wildfires deteriorates New York air quality; surpasses New Delhi's pollution level

Updated: Jun 8 2023 5:29AM

By Seema Hakhu Kachru

Houston, Jun 8 (PTI) The air quality of New York city has deteriorated as smoke from the Canadian wildfires poured into the US East Coast and Midwest, with data showing that the pollution level in the metropolitan city was highest among significant cities worldwide, even surpassing New Delhi. Situation was such that the picturesque and renowned skyline of New York City became invisible on Wednesday behind a hazy veil of smoke from the Canadian wildfires flowing into the region. According to IQAir, New York City had the highest levels of air pollution among significant cities worldwide on Wednesday morning, surpassing even New Delhi.

Recently in a global air quality report, India was ranked eighth on the list, with Chad, Iraq, Pakistan, Bahrain, and Bangladesh being the five most polluted countries in 2022.

The weather forecasters expect hazy weather to continue in New York through the rest of the week.