2020 Delhi riots: Court imposes Rs 5,000 fine on prosecution

Updated: Aug 18 2022 8:02PM

New Delhi, Aug 18 (PTI) A Delhi court has imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on the prosecution for producing an irrelevant witness in a case related to the 2020 northeast riots, saying that it is showing “no respect” for the time of witnesses, court, or the money of public exchequer, “despite repeated directions.” Additional Sessions Judge Pulastya Pramachala imposed the fine after observing that a prosecution witness was discharged without being examined because of a mix-up by the prosecution regarding the time and date of a rioting incident.

“No respect for the time of the witness, time of this court, and money of public exchequer is being shown by prosecution despite repeated directions. Hence, I am compelled to impose a cost of Rs 5,000 upon the prosecution,” the judge said in an order passed on August 17.

The court noted that in the morning, one witness Himanshu was present, but he was discharged unexamined because on perusal of his statement, it was found that he had narrated the incident at 6 pm on February 25, 2020, though the present trial was being conducted in respect of an incident allegedly taken place between 12 am and 1 am in the intervening night of February 24 and February 25.