Consider the Indian scenario before following US court decisions: SC

Updated: Mar 24 2023 9:53PM

New Delhi, Mar 24 (PTI) The Supreme Court on Friday said that before they follow the decisions of US Courts, the Indian courts are required to consider the difference in the nature of the laws applicable in the respective countries.

A bench of Justices MR Shah, CT Ravikumar, and Sanjay Karol said that the three verdicts pronounced in 2011 which held that mere membership of a banned organisation will not incriminate a person unless he resorts to violence or incites people to violence and does an act intended to create disorder or disturbance of public peace by resorting to violence "is not a good law." The three verdicts relied on US court decisions to arrive at their findings, the bench said.

"This Court ought to have considered the differences in the American laws and the Indian laws, more particularly the provisions in the Indian Constitution," it said.