Social and economic justice for citizens still a work in progress: Delhi HC Justice Manmohan

Updated: Nov 20 2023 9:01PM

New Delhi, Nov 20 (PTI) The Constitution has given political equality to the citizens but the society has not yet achieved social and economic justice which is still a "work in progress", Delhi High Court Acting Chief Justice Manmohan said on Monday.

Justice Manmohan said there are certain deficiencies in the legal system as rich people get good legal aid whereas the poor fail to afford it.

Delivering the presidential address at the culmination ceremony of the project ‘Aaroh-Vidhik Sewa Ke Badte Kadam’ organised by Delhi State Legal Service Authority (DSLSA), he said there is a need to ensure that legal aid schemes are working properly at the grassroots level and the in-charges should go to the ground level to meet people.