From truck driver to Bhindranwale 2.0 - ISI hand behind Amritpal Singh

Updated: Mar 19 2023 2:23PM

New Delhi, Mar 19 (PTI) From driving a truck on Dubai roads to attempting to help Pakistan’s ISI in its bid to revive terrorism in Punjab, Amritpal Singh turned himself quickly from a preacher to a fervent ‘Khalistan’ supporter.

Amritpal's dreams became ambitious at every step after his return from Dubai in 2022 and he started dabbling with the affairs of ‘Waris Panjab De’, an organisation formed by actor Deep Sidhu. The actor died in February last year.

From openly demanding Punjab’s secession from India and threatening Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Punjab Chief Minister Bagwant Singh Mann, the radical Sikh preacher has had no qualms in him being termed as ‘Bhindranwale 2.0’.