Authority on Jaiminiya Samaveda and Ayurvedic physician to be next 'melshanti' of Guruvayur temple

Updated: Mar 19 2023 2:51PM

Thrissur (Kerala), Mar 19 (PTI) After a Youtuber-cum-vlogger, now an authority on Kerala style chanting of 'Jaiminiya Samaveda' is going to be the next head priest or 'melshanti' of the southern state's famous Guruvayur temple here.

Fifty seven-year-old Dr Thottam Sivakaran Namboothiri is one of the two remaining authorities of the Kerala style chanting of Jaiminiya Samaveda -- a centuries old tradition of Samavedic chanting in the State which was on the verge of disappearance in the 1970s.

He has taken up it as a mission to preserve its unique oral tradition by starting a 'Gurukulam' at a village in this central Kerala district.