Cong lauds contribution of Swaminathan to India's agriculture sector

Updated: Sep 28 2023 2:13PM

New Delhi, Sep 28 (PTI) The Congress on Thursday paid rich tributes to M S Swaminathan, describing him as the key scientific architect of the Green Revolution and hailing his contribution to the agriculture sector.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said Swaminathan made India self-sufficient in rice and wheat by the mid-70s.  "He was a great institution builder, an inspiring teacher, a motivational leader, but above all, a man of the greatest humility and sobriety who allowed his achievements both in India and other parts of Asia to speak for themselves," he said.  Ramesh said it was because of him that Indira Gandhi created the Department of Agricultural Research and Education in April 1972.  "Keeping in view the imperatives for ecological sustainability, he was the first to call for the Green Revolution to become what he called an EverGreen Revolution," he noted.

He spent the last three decades especially propagating this cause, both in government and through the research foundation established by him in Chennai, Ramesh said.  "He will remain an iconic figure. I was in regular touch with him and every interaction was a source of great education for me," he said in a post on X.