80 per cent cybercrimes from 10 districts; Bharatpur new Jamtara: Study

Updated: Sep 24 2023 5:57PM

By Kishor Dwivedi

Noida, Sep 24 (PTI) Rajasthan's Bharatpur and Uttar Pradesh's Mathura have replaced Jharkhand's Jamtara and Haryana's Nuh as the infamous hotspots of cybercrime in India, according to a new study by an IIT Kanpur-incubated start-up.

The study also revealed that just the top 10 districts collectively contribute to 80 per cent of cybercrimes in the country.

The findings have been mentioned by the Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF), a non-profit start-up incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kanpur, in its latest comprehensive white paper named 'A Deep Dive into Cybercrime Trends Impacting India'.