By stalling parliament, BJP trying to make Rahul hero to serve own interests: Mamata

Updated: Mar 19 2023 10:25PM

Baharampur (WB), Mar 24 (PTI) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday accused the BJP of trying to make a hero out of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to divert attention from the burning issues by stalling the parliament proceedings over his recent remarks in the UK.

A senior TMC leader said Banerjee, while addressing party workers over the phone during an internal party meeting in Murshidabad district, alleged that the Congress has failed to fight the BJP and has a tacit understanding with the saffron camp in West Bengal.

"Our party supremo, while addressing our internal meeting over the phone, said the BJP is deliberately trying to make a hero out of Rahul Gandhi by stalling the Parliament proceedings over his remarks. The BJP is doing this to serve its own interests so that other opposition parties can't raise issues concerning the people. They want to make Rahul Gandhi a hero of the opposition camp," TMC Murshidabad district chairman and MP Abu Taher told PTI.