Delhi gearing up to implement GRAP from October 1

Updated: Sep 20 2022 8:57PM

New Delhi, Sep 20 (PTI) With meteorological conditions set to turn unfavourable following the withdrawal of monsoon and burning of stubble by farmers in Punjab, Delhi is gearing up to implement the revamped Graded Response Action Plan -- a set of anti-air pollution measures followed according to the severity of the situation -- from October 1.  According to directions of the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM), the plan will come into force 15 days before the usual date to prevent the build up of pollutants after the change in wind direction to northwest and a drop in the wind speed following the monsoon withdrawal, an official said.

"We will be also making use of the real-time source apportionment system which will help understand the real-time effect of pollution sources like vehicles, road dust, construction dust, biomass burning, farm fires, and industrial emissions," the official said.

The green war room will monitor violations and redress complaints and grievances in keeping with the practice being followed for the last two years.