Delhi govt to deploy vans at schools to monitor air quality

Updated: Sep 19 2023 4:37PM

New Delhi, Sep 19 (PTI) The Delhi government is set to deploy air quality monitoring vans at its schools to identify the sources of pollution and monitor different air quality parameters, according to an official document .

A circular by Delhi government's Directorate of Education (DoE) read, "all the head of government schools have been directed to cooperate with the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) for parking of mobile air quality monitoring vans." Environmentalist Bhavreen Kandhari on the initiative said not just schools, but hospitals, bus stops, and government buildings too must have air quality monitoring vans.

"The Warrior Moms group had written letters to 12 states and their respective pollution boards, urging them to install AQI display monitors in all state government-run schools," Kandhari told PTI.