MCD exploring possibility of transforming cow shelters into 'profit centres': Mayor Oberoi

Updated: May 31 2023 10:46PM

New Delhi, May 31 (PTI) The Municipal Corporation of Delhi will explore the possibility of transforming cow shelters into "profit centres" to curtail the issue of stray cattle, while generating revenue and employment opportunities from them, Mayor Shelly Oberoi said on Wednesday.  Chairing a meeting with the representatives from the Global Confederation of Cow-based Industries (GCCI) and other officials, Oberoi highlighted the need to harness the economic potential of cow products and find sustainable solutions on the menace of stray cattle, a statement said.

"The conversion of gaushalas into profit centres would not only provide a solution to the stray cattle issue but also create a new avenue for revenue generation and employment opportunities for MCD, reducing the financial burden to existing strained resources," the statement read.

GCCI is an organisation known for its stakeholder collaboration initiatives and skill development measures in converting cow dung and urine into various saleable products, such as building materials, tiles, fertilisers, CNG, electricity, papers, and cow dung logs, the Mayor's office said.