Rodent attacks on paddy cultivation in Mizoram

Updated: Oct 3 2022 7:12PM

Aizawl, Oct 3 (PTI) Flowering of a bamboo species in Mizoram has led to rodent attacks and more than 572 hectares of paddy in nine of its 11 districts are affected by it, a senior official of the state agriculture department said.

The infestation was reported in 114 villages and a number of farmers have been affected by it, the department director James Lalsiamliana said on Monday.

The state reported an increase in rodent population from about August due to the flowering of 'Rawnal' (Dendrocalamus) bamboo species. It is believed to be a preliminary sign of 'Thingtam' or flowering of 'Bambusa Tulda' bamboo (Rawthang in local parlance) species due in 2025.