Survey of 'topo' land is on in Bihar: Revenue and Land Reforms minister

Updated: Mar 19 2023 3:03PM

Patna, Mar 19 (PTI) Survey of 'topo' land is on in Bihar and the exercise is part of the ongoing special study for updating the land records in the state, a minister said.

Unsurveyed lands in Bihar are called 'topo' lands and are mostly situated on the banks of rivers like the Ganga and Koshi that shift their courses every few decades, creating new land parcels.

Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms minister Alok Kumar told PTI that "Instructions have been issued to officials to expedite the ongoing special survey and settlement of lands across the state and complete the task by December 2024. The exercise also includes survey of unsurveyed or 'topo' land in the state. It means topo lands are also being surveyed in the state. In certain districts the exercise is on the verge of completion." When the exercise is completed, it will certainly reduce the cases of land disputes in the state, the minister said, adding at the same time government will also be in a position to take decision about topo lands. Earlier, an impression was created that survey of topo lands in the state is not part of the ongoing exercise.