'Community-based rehabilitation crucial in integrating human trafficking survivors'

Updated: Jul 11 2023 11:05PM

New Delhi, Jul 11 (PTI) A policy webinar hosted by a Civil20 working group and others on Tuesday underlined the role of community-based rehabilitation as a crucial factor in integrating the survivors of human trafficking into their communities and reducing the trauma they have endured.

It highlighted the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking or ILFAT's policy recommendation to C20, which emphasises the reintegration of trafficking survivors through a community-based approach, focusing on awareness, education, healthcare, employment opportunities, and financial inclusion, according to an official statement issued on Tuesday.

"Community-based rehabilitation is a crucial factor in integrating survivors of human trafficking into their communities, reducing the stress and trauma they have endured, with the need of the hour in policymaking being a transition from survivor informed measures to ones that are survivor-led," it said.