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Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Season 12 Concludes with Spectacular Grand Finale

Updated: 15/06/2023

Gurgaon, Haryana, India (NewsVoir)     

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide, the prestigious beauty pageant celebrating the strength, grace, and beauty of married women, recently concluded its highly anticipated Season 12 with a magnificent grand finale held on 9 June 2023 at the prestigious Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel in UAE. The event showcased the talent, elegance, and empowerment of women from around the world.  

The grand finale was a star-studded affair, graced by renowned personalities from the entertainment industry and esteemed professionals. The panel of esteemed judges, led by Chairman Mr. Bharat K Bhramar, included Aditi Govitrikar (Bollywood Actress and Mrs World), Sylvie Rodgers (Celebrity Hair Designer), Anamika (Famous Bollywood Singer), Amisha Sethi (Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Winner 2021), Reshma Vipin Nambiar (International Zone Winner of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2022), and Ronny Kaula (Ace Fashion Photographer). The show was beautifully choreographed and directed by the talented Lubna Adams, with stunning styling by Seitu Kumar (Super Model).   

After a fierce competition and impressive performances, the coveted title of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Season 12 was awarded to Aprajita Sinha, an ophthalmologist from London. Aprajita, representing the element of Earth, exemplified grace, intelligence, and beauty throughout the competition, making her a deserving winner and Earth Elemental Winner.

The elemental winners of Season 12 showcased exceptional qualities and talents. The winners included Laxmi Pandrapragada (Water), Narinderjit Kaur (Air), Rakhi Saha (Fire), Akanksha Shukla (Space) and Aprajita Sinha (Earth).

The country-wise winners of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Season 12 are as follows:

Australia: Ritika Thakur, Heena Sinha, Shweta Kaur | Canada: Narinderjit Kaur, Kanika Grover, Anupreet Dhiman | UAE: Rakhi Saha, Parvinder Kaur Bhurji, Amena | Germany: Akanksha Shukla, Anjana Rajam | Myanmar: Ishita Sengupta | USA: Paromita Ghosh, Laxmi Pandrapragada, Nirupama Gupta | India: Rituparna Ray, Yukti Behune, Ritu Bhardwaj | Mauritius: Maya Eshram | New Zealand: Neerja | United Kingdom: Aprajita Sinha, Neeru Ghosh, Meera Bhambhani | Singapore: Shazmi Hussain, Poonam Bajaj | South Africa: Rashika Reddy | Vietnam: Tran Thi

In addition to the main titles, several subtitle winners were also recognized for their outstanding achievements. These included:

Mrs. Iconic Eyes - Deepthi Koshy Mrs. Perfect Eyes - Neha Somwanshi Mrs. Glowing Skin - Parul Kumar Mrs. Beautiful Hair - Bhavya Gupta Mrs. Adventurous - Usha K Singh Mrs. Intellectual - Harshita Kumar Mrs. Radiant - Anita Samyani Mrs. Body Beautiful - Sunita Midha Arora Mrs. Timeless Beauty - Poonam Guleria Mrs. Beautiful Legs - Maya Esram Mrs. Popular - Heena Sinha Mrs. Creative - Shweta Kaur Mrs. Spontaneous - Amita Das Mrs. Gorgeous - Meera Babhania Mrs. Style Icon - Rohini Gehlot Mrs. Charismatic - Bindu Mathew Mrs. Fashion Icon - Juhie Jahan Mrs. Haute Couture - Rupinder Arora Mrs. Enthusiastic - Piyali Roy Mrs. Perfect Catwalk - Tran Thi Be Thanhh Mrs. Photogenic - Nirupama Gupta Mrs. Supranational - Deepthi Hegde Mrs. Shining Star - Beauty Verma Mrs. Elegant - Varshney Francis Mrs. Glamorous - Mohana Namle Mrs. Goodness Ambassador - Harjeet Bamra Mrs. Path Breaker - Rupali Kamat Mrs. Inspirational - Anju Thapiyal Mrs. Iron Lady - Subbulakshmi Mrs. Active - Tabassum Ali Mrs. Tech Diva - Sushmita Das Mrs. Talented - Shweta Shankar Mrs. Social Butterfly - Harjot Brar Mrs. Social Media Queen - Swati Mishra Mrs. Entertainer - Vidhi Shrivastava Mrs. Beautiful Heart - Narinderjit Kaur Brar Mrs. Beautiful Voice - Reena Rose Mrs. Cheerful - Tarandeep Kaur Mrs. Ingenious - Shibi Riju Mrs. Buzz Bee - Purvi Sahitya Mrs. Hourglass - Aprajita Sinha Mrs. Content Creator - Samiksha Singh Brand Goodness Ambassador - Neha Kaushal Mrs. Beauty with Brains - Kanthi Priya Mrs. Confident - Ekata Jaiswal Mrs. Congeniality - Jaswinder Cheema Mrs. Travelite - Neetu Tyagi Mrs. Gracious - Sukhpreet Kaur Mrs. Bold and Beautiful - Luvleen Mudhar Mrs. Magnificent - Kanika Dubey Mrs. Stunning - Amena Japanwala Mrs. Social Welfare - Neerja Singh Mrs. Trueself - Deboleena Goswami Mrs. Duchess of the Evening - Rachna Singh Mrs. Maharani of India - Lakshmi Kumari Mrs. Best Water Baby - Vrushali Parker Mrs. Lady of the Evening - Ritoparna Ray Mrs. Energetic - Reethi Mannath Mrs. Positive - Gargi Chattopadhyay Mrs. Soft Spoken - Siddhi Padhiyar Mrs. Gizmo Queen - Lohita Jilakara.

The grand finale witnessed the participation of 107 contestants from 13 countries, showcasing the diverse talent and beauty from around the globe. Each contestant brought her unique story and journey, adding to the essence of the pageant.

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is not just a beauty pageant; it is a platform committed to women empowerment. It supports causes that uplift and empower women, providing them with opportunities to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. The platform aims to inspire and celebrate the strength and beauty of married women who may have faced limitations in pursuing their dreams earlier in life.

Mr. Bharat K Bhramar, the Chairman of Haut Monde India, expressed his pride and gratitude for the remarkable journey of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide. He stated, "Our mission is to give wings to married women who have dreams and aspirations, providing them a platform to shine and make a positive impact on the world."

The success of Season 12 and the achievements of the contestants mark another milestone in the remarkable journey of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide. The platform continues to inspire and empower married women, promoting diversity, talent, and beauty with a purpose.

About Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is a prestigious beauty pageant that celebrates the strength, grace, and talent of married women. It provides a platform for married women from around the world to showcase their inner and outer beauty and make a positive impact in society. The pageant is known for its commitment to women empowerment, diversity, and excellence.

Image 1: Announcing the Reign of Elegance: Aprajita Sinha Crowned Winner of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Season 12

Image 2: Meet the 5 Elemental Winners of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Season 12

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