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Nidra Bank- A Life Saving Initiative by Mr. Ramesh Agarwal Conferred at National Logistics Policy Launch by PM Modi

Updated: 20/09/2022

New Delhi, 20 Sept 2022: Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi launched the National Logistics Policy at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 17 Sep 2022, which is a significant step in expediting the last mile delivery and ending transport industry challenges with rigorous efforts to enhance the efficiency of Indian Logistics System. Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, Chairman of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd, was one of the three representatives and speakers of the Logistics sector across the country at this historical event. He wholeheartedly thanked the Prime Minister of India for the launch of National Logistics Policy, which is the futuristic dream of PM Modi to reform the landscape of the Indian Logistics and Supply Chain sector for the potential development of infrastructure and Indian economic growth. Inspired by the words of Hon’ble PM for giving due respect and justice to the deprived last mile deliverers, Mr. Agarwal discussed Nidra Bank, an incredible initiative for appreciating and rewarding the Indian Truck Drivers for their relentless services for Indian Society.

According to Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, “A truck driver shoulders an unbeatable pressure and responsibility of the goods & truck’s safety in term of diesel and battery theft that deprives him of proper sleep, due to which a restless driver ends up losing his or other’s precious life in the road accidents. It is the main reason that the public’s perception is against the driver’s society in spite of being one of the important contributors, no one ever desire that their next generations would join this profession. Hardly, they get to sleep for 2 hours 50 minutes in a day, which is not even an adequate sound sleep of 6 hours as per health experts. “On the basis of a 2012 survey, about 13,80,00 deaths occur across the country in a year due to road accidents. Out of which, 26,400 deaths befell due to driver fatigue or inadequate sleep of truck drivers.”

As a CSR Initiative by APML, NidraDaan Kendra as a pilot project is functioning at Dudu, Jaipur on Jaipur- Ajmer Highway NH-8 wherein a special gesture to feel the truck drivers as respectable contributors to Indian society is offered by washing their feet in brass praat utensils and wiped dry. This Kendra has a facility of 200 beds, blankets, and a parking space where the drivers can properly sleep and park their trucks under the free security surveillance parking zone. Also, they are provided complementary necessities like civic amenities, salon services, medical facilities etc. With this effort, approx. 5.5 lac sleeps have been provided till now and thereby saving 1010 road accidents.

Also, he added “To take this further, ‘Nidra Bank’ would be a great initiative for the betterment of the truck driver’s society by taking care and providing them adequate sleep in a secure environment. Despite getting the sleeping remuneration from the truck owner, the drivers keep driving without taking the sufficient sleep, which is not possible through this Cashless Nidra model. It is mandatory for the truck drivers to avail the facility. If the driver does not take Nidra facility, the expenses will be automatically lapsed. This Nidra Bank will target 600 such centers in India wherein approx. 6 Crore sleeps shall be provided. It is estimated that for every 540 sleeps 1 accident is saved. Thus, by providing 6 Cr. Sleeps, 1,11,111 accidents can be avoided.

Also, Roadside Motels with AC or Coolers facility on the highways will be onboarded to become NidraDaan Centers so that the drivers can relax and take a sound sleep. To onboard or monitor this facility, a mobile app has been launched that ensures the driver logs in 4 hours of sound sleep at the valid center so that the truck drivers can cover another 380 kilometers without any fatigue that results in zero accidents. All the expenses at the Nidra Banks will be funded through the CSR funds". This NidraDaan Model will act as a catalyst to ensure better and secure logistics efficiency on the Indian Roads.  Further, this app will show the real-time data of DL numbers, location, and timing of Drivers who have taken the sleep at respective Kendra so that donors will get complete information about their donation for the sleep.

From the PM’s address at Lal Qila for Corruption Free India, the logistics sector was the one which appreciated this vision first. Taking this forward, APML Foundation laid an effort to fulfill the dream of PM by launching an app – Ramrajya at Highways to curb the corruption on national highways as dealing with some of the RTO’s and Highway Authorities are becoming reluctant and uneasy nowadays. Such reluctance and uneasiness are born out of the fact that RTO’s mistreat the truck drivers by intentionally halting their vehicles to demand bribes in order to get their grievances resolved, which is nothing but corruption. The app launched by APML foundation would have Digital Appraisal Systems with all the details of Drivers and road authorities wherein truck drivers can encapsulate their experience with the RTO within real time and location. With just a punch of a button, they can submit their response or appraisal easily after getting checked. The idea is to curtail the corruption and empower the truck drivers as now the appraisal of public servants will be based on their services and conduct with the common people. Also, this real time data can be utilized to evaluate whether the duty officers at RTO are fair, reliable and honest in their services or not. It is a noble idea in line with the “Corruption Free Highways” dream of the Hon’ble PM of India.

APML has carved a strong niche in the Transportation and Logistics sector due to its innovative and visionary business approach. They feel it is their responsibility to participate and contribute, to making the community, the society, the country, nature, and the world, a better place to live and thrive.

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