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Raas, The Global Naari Goes to NYFW 23 showcasing Indian craftsmanship at a global platform

Updated: 14/09/2023

With a collection that carries a piece of Gujarat with it, Raas reveals its latest collection at NYFW with American actress Richa Moorjani as the showstopper
India has been shining bright on the global runway. This year at New York Fashion Week’23 Raas, The Global Naari showcased its latest collection Ezora that transcends boundaries and celebrates the harmonious fusion of Western silhouettes and the art of Gujarat, India. To put an exciting spin on things, the Never Have I Ever star Richa Moorjani walked the ramp for the show. “She is the right representation for our collection in New York as she beautifully harmonises her global American personality with her Indian heritage”, shared Axi and Shreya Patel, co-founders of Raas, The Global Naari.
As a brand dedicated to celebrating the power of women and the strength of femininity globally, Raas the name itself stems from the Gujarati festival that is dedicated to this very idea. The brand was conceived in the midst of the pandemic in the heart of the United States of America by Shreya Patel. When Shreya Patel moved from India to the USA, she decided to turn her passion for designing into a successful venture. In the quest to bring a piece of her land to the foreign country she had just moved to, much like many other women to move to the USA, she created a brand that believes in blending traditional techniques with contemporary design, standing true to its commitment to cater to the global woman.
Its latest collection Ezora is a testament to the amalgamation of two distinct cultures intertwining to transcend boundaries. The ‘Ez’ in the word is for merging the rich tapestry of Western styles with the intricate elegance of Gujarat’s artistic heritage. ‘Ora’ comes from the ethereal beauty of aurora and signifies the radiant brilliance that emanates from this collection. Ezora tells a story of collaboration and cross-cultural inspiration, bringing the heritage of hand embroidery on an international level. Bold colours, delicate embroidery, and modern designs converge to form this collection. 
“I just walked the runway for RAAS and it was so nerve wracking, but I had so much fun. I'm so honored and happy to have worked with a brand like RAAS that truly aligns with my values, as somebody who cares so much about uplifting Indian craftsmanship, but beyond that a brand is so dedicated to sustainability and cruelty-free, ethical fashion”, comments Moorjani.
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