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Sana Sathish Babu Cricket Championship Draws Enthusiastic Response in Kakinada District

Updated: 21/09/2023

Photo Caption: Sana Sathish Babu Cricket Championship Draws Enthusiastic Response in Kakinada District

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India – Business Wire India 

The Kakinada Premier League (KPL), also known as the Sana Sathish Babu Cricket Championship, has taken Kakinada district by storm. This sporting extravaganza, organized under the banner of the Sana Sathish Babu Foundation, is not just a game; it's a powerful celebration of talent, unity, and community development.

The championship's phenomenal success owes much to the vision and dedication of Sana Sathish Babu, a prominent businessman in Kakinada. His unwavering commitment to philanthropy has laid the foundation for a profound transformation in the region.

The Sana Sathish Babu Foundation's mission is clear: to empower marginalized communities, nurture resilience, and champion sustainable well-being. Education, a pivotal part of their strategy, takes a back seat to the unifying power of sports, culture, and the critical importance of health.

Now, let's talk about the game! The "Sana Sathish Babu Cricket Championship" has attracted an astonishing 500 teams from 20 Mandals, offering a platform for seasoned players and emerging talents alike.

The youth of Kakinada have rallied behind this initiative, passionately calling for more sporting programs. The championship's recent matches in Kakinada (Urban) witnessed jaw-dropping cricketing prowess. The showdown between JK Pur Boys and PRG Power Boys had spectators on the edge of their seats, culminating in JK Pur Boys securing a coveted spot in the championship's final round. As a token of appreciation, the winning team received a cash prize of Rs. 15,000, igniting their determination to shine even brighter.

The Sana Sathish Babu Cricket Championship is not merely a sporting spectacle; it's a testament to the passion, unity, and vibrant talent of Kakinada. As the tournament progresses, it promises to be a thrilling journey marked by sportsmanship, camaraderie, and untapped potential.

Series Highlights (Sana Sathish Babu Cricket Championship):

•  Total Matches: 26

•  Players: 358

•  Runs: 2,983

•  Wickets: 253

•  Balls: 2,264

•  4s: 266

•  6s: 111

•  25s: 21

•  50s: 2

•  Ducks: 55

•  Catches: 200

•  Run Outs: 28

•  Highest Team Score: 125/0 (Harish Sports)

•  Lowest Team Score: 21/10 (Belly Bottom)

•  Highest Score: 61 (Mohammad Madina Basha - Harish Sports)

•  Best Bowling Figures: 4/1 (Balasadi Satish - Bad Boys)

About Sana Sathish Babu Foundation


The Sana Sathish Babu Foundation is committed to community development and empowering Kakinada's youth. Through a range of philanthropic initiatives, the foundation seeks to create opportunities, support talent, and foster inclusivity. Sana Sathish Babu's vision is to inspire positive change and contribute to the holistic development of the region.

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