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Satma CE announces partnership with Refillable to revolutionize Inventory and Refill Management

Updated: 21/09/2023

MUMBAI, India , Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Satma CE, a leading provider of operational software catering stakeholders with circular supply chains, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Refillable, an innovative leader in refillable product solutions. This collaboration will enable Refillable to leverage Satma CE's advanced software to track and trace inventory management, monitor refill processes, and substantiate the reuse of their products, marking a significant step toward sustainability and transparency in their operations.

Refillable, a company committed to reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting environmentally responsible practices, has chosen Satma CE to enhance its inventory management capabilities. By integrating Satma CE's software into their operations, Refillable will gain comprehensive insights into their product lifecycle, track refill management, and determine the number of times a product is reused before being refilled, all in real-time.

This partnership underscores Refillable's dedication to transparency and accountability in their sustainability efforts. Satma CE's robust software will empower Refillable to:

1.  Efficiently Track Inventory: Satma CE will provide Refillable with a streamlined and automated inventory tracking system, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking while ensuring product availability when needed.

2.  Monitor Refill Management: Refillable will have the ability to closely monitor and optimize their refill processes and track the number of times a single unit has been reused.

3.  Quantify Product Reuse: Satma CE's tracking capabilities will enable Refillable to accurately measure how many times their products are reused, helping them substantiate their commitment to reducing single-use plastic waste.

4.  Enhance Sustainability Reporting: With real-time data insights from Satma CE, Refillable will be better equipped to provide evidence of their sustainability initiatives. They will be able to prove their environmental saving through multiple usage of a single unit, reinforcing their brand's commitment to a greener future.

"We are excited to partner with Refillable, a company that shares our passion for sustainability and innovation," said Varun Karasia CEO of Satma CE. "Our software will empower Refillable to optimize their operations, track inventory more effectively, and provide clear evidence of and quantify their commitment to reducing single-use plastics. Together, we aim to make a significant impact on environmental preservation."

Refillable is equally enthusiastic about this partnership. "At Refillable, we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future by reducing waste and promoting reuse," said Lokesh Sambhwani, Co-founder of Refillable. "Our partnership with Satma CE will play a crucial role in enhancing our operations and quantifying the positive impact we are making on the environment. Together, we will continue to lead the way in sustainable practices."

Satma CE and Refillable are both committed to driving positive change in their industries, and this partnership represents a powerful step toward a more sustainable and transparent future. By integrating Satma CE's software, Refillable is poised to set new standards in inventory and refill management, ultimately reducing their environmental footprint and inspiring others to follow suit.

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About Satma CE:

Satma CE is leading platform with a protocol developed for circular economy materials, providing verified end-to-end traceability of supply chains. It enabling you to track real time process, drive efficiency, stream line operations, get traceability & sustainability data of any product through simple QR code scanning. It also empowers businesses to optimize their inventory processes and make informed decisions. For more information, please visit

About Refillable:

Refillable is a pioneering company committed to reducing single-use plastic waste by providing sustainable refillable product solutions. With a vision to create a more eco-friendly future, Refillable offers innovative products and services that promote reuse and environmental responsibility. For more information, please visit


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