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UnfoldU Foundation comes up with Free digital education of worth Rs. 9,000 Crore annually to 1 crore school students, Jio supports the move

Updated: 17/09/2022

Founded by Mr. Harish Kumar Bajaj on the occasion of Teachers’ Day this month, the UnfoldU Foundation is committed to make substantial efforts in the direction of betterment of the society as a whole. The foundation is focussed to contribute significantly in the fields of education, women empowerment, skill development, sanitation, health and environment. 

Mr. Harish Kumar Bajaj, NRI and chairman of the Foundation is passionate to add values in the lives of Indian masses. He has dedicated the UnfoldU Foundation towards furthering his father Mr. Ram Chander Bajaj's dream of helping the society and uplifting the lives of the underprivileged across the board in every walk of life. Mr. Ram Chander Bajaj who has been awarded with president award for his selfless contribution in the field of education is himself guiding and mentoring the foundation team to contribute for a better tomorrow. 

With a well organised volunteer base, the UnfoldU Foundation extends its primary focus on providing world-class digital education to school students and that too for free. It does so through the contribution of UnfoldU Online Solutions Private Limited, a leading digital education brand recognized and appreciated by big names like Forbes, Business Connect, CIO Review Magazines and other media houses like Zee and The Hindustan Times. 

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day in the month of September, the UnfoldU Foundation has been launched with a never heard campaign“My Study My Time” that is designed and developed with an intention of making digital education more interesting and value-adding than it already is. The idea is to provide students and people with a platform that helps them navigate through the sometimesconfusing plethora of educational resources available online. 

“My Study My Time” is a one of its kind programme holding effective solutions to student and parents problems and is a socially responsible step where UnfoldU Foundation will be contributing significantly in bringing the advanced digital education to normal households. This is going to be an initiative of its own kind because under this programme, UnfoldU Foundation, in association with UnfoldU Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is offering free digital education worth Rs. 9,000 crores annually to 1 crore school students from KG to 12th classes. 

Talking about the launch of the new programme,“My Study My Time”,Mr. Harish Kumar Bajaj said, "We are confident that this initiative will do wonders in the realm of digital education. Now that education is available online with just a few clicks, it is important to maintain the quality and authenticity of the same. With this programme, I and everyone at UnfoldU Foundation sincerely wish that through this initiative, we will move a step ahead in refining digital education and that too for free for the end user." 

The UnfoldU Foundation is actively working in different states under this programme like - Rajasthan, Haryana, Orissa, Bihar, Punjab and extends an invitation to different households, educational institutions, corporates and NGOs to join hands in bringing this digital education revolution to the next level. 

In the future, the UnfoldU Foundation plans to take its activities and benefits to an even wider and bigger level. The foundation wants to be able to serve school-going children and provide quality and free digital education to more and more students. Now that major organisations along with public and private entities have also shown interest in donating to the Foundation, UnfoldU is paving a path for helping students free of cost. 

Moreover, the efforts and contribution of UnfoldU Foundation are strengthened with the involvement of Jio groupas well because soon the students will be able to register through different Jio platforms like Jio STB, Jio Phone, Jio Laptops and Jio browsers. 

With a centralised management of UnfoldU Foundation which is taking care of the concerned teams, the foundation representatives are directly involved in the field executions where they mark the area/group/institution or any social establishment which can be helped and supported. UnfoldU Foundation has also gathered the support of corporates that are showing interest in associating with the foundation under their Corporate Social Responsibility activity. The UnfoldU Foundation makes sure that each help should benefit the right and needy individual. Their targets are big but the commitments are even bigger. 

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